Whitening Charcoal Floss



What does it do?

  • Helps remove tenacious plaque
  • Whitens between your teeth
  • Removes coffee stains near the gumline
  • Removes food and other residue stuck between your teeth


Ultrathin bamboo charcoal dental floss without flavour.

Helps remove tenacious plaque without damaging enamel.

Whitening in between your teeth while flossing helps get rid of the lower yellow coffee stains near the gumline.

Remove food rests and other residue stuck between your teeth.

*Coated charcoal thread aids in removing tartar and plaque leaving your gums fresh and clean.

4.7(6 beoordelingen)

Karmicare review
Caries-free by Karmicare
What has really made the difference for me is that I (really no exaggeration) have had cavities so many times in my life. Since I brush with Karmicare, after 3 months I went for a checkup and for the first time no cavities! Hallelujah, and the flavors are delicious.
Karmicare review
Innovative and effective!
I have been using the Karmicare toothpaste for a few months now. My teeth are clearly less sensitive. Brushing your teeth is also an experience because of the delicious taste and the unique concept of AWAKE & ASLEEP. Highly recommended!
Karmicare review
More meaning and more care.
Karmicare was a real discovery for me. My teeth are less sensitive than before. And I love the idea of tying the biological rhythm to your dental routine. The milder taste of Asleep suits me better for the evening. I recommend!
Karmicare review
Start and end the day with rhythm.
Karmicare is a nice product to start and end the day with. Because of the two different flavors I now brush my teeth in the morning and evening. In the past I only did this in the evening and sporadically in the morning.
Karmicare review
Once you go karmicare..
Totally different way of brushing teeth: the flavors match perfectly when getting up and going to sleep, even hours afterwards a fresh feeling in the mouth, my teeth are stronger, and my gums are less sensitive. Once you go karmicare... ^^
Karmicare review
Energizing taste for durable tooth care
Major drugstore toothpaste brands taste like plastic and yet you have to endure it multiple times a day. I love the Karmicare morning energetic taste and the evening calming bottle. I have the fantastic feeling of taking care of my everyday smile.

How to use


Choose your desired length

Usually around 15cm (6”) is more than enough.


Softly floss between teeth

Position the thread gently between two teeth without putting pressure on the gums


Pull the floss out from the side

Let go of one side and pull the floss out. Never lift the thread back up where it came from


Don’t skip a tooth. Repeat daily

This process should take you just under a minute. Your future self will thank you

Technical information