Evening Toothbrush



What does it do?

  • Removes plaque with the help of activated charcoal
  • Absoring toxins, purifying your teeth and mouth
  • Cleans bacteria and dirt away, while whitening
  • Gently cleanses, refreshing the gums and gumline
  • Helps to perfectly disperge all Karmicare between all teeth
  • Softly bends in your hand when pressing too hard, avoiding damage to teeth or gums
  • Perfectly designed to fit your grip


The bristles are extremely soft and coated with activated charcoal.

The ultra thin, featherlight bristle hairs help to get off plaque easily without being abbrasive. This helps your teeth get back to their pearly white colour without polishing or bleaching.

Head is not too big or too small. Perfectly fits 2 to 4 applications with Awake/Asleep toothpaste.

Lasting longer when combined with KARMICARE Morning Toothbrush

End your day the KARMICARE way.


How to use


Wet toothbrush

Helps to perfectly disperge Karmicare between all teeth.


Apply 2-4 pumps on toothbrush

Perfect dosage for a single brush session.

2 pumps contain all minerals.
4 pumps for an increased foaming effect and forcer aroma sensation


Gently brush

The bristles are extremely soft. This allows you to gently clean teeth and gums with care, removing Plaque without doing damage, like other toothbrushes.


Rinse and stash

Keep your brush as fresh as your breath.

Technical information