There’s no fluoride in our Awake or Asleep toothpaste. Nor will there ever be

Here’s why you should stop using fluorided toothpaste

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Short-term Insomnia

30% of adults experience short-term insomnia.

Studies show that Fluoride accumulates and calcifies your pineal gland resulting in wake/sleep pattern disturbance

The pineal gland produces 90% of melatonin and regulates sleep patterns.

~2190 mg fluoride consumed a year

You may consume an average of 2190mg Fluoride a year if you brush twice a day and drink fluorided water.

Fluoride is not an essential nutrient and is linked to cancer, alzheimer's, teeth and skeleton fluorosis, and other diseases

Dental products are a major source of fluoride exposure, particularly for children.

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24 hours exposure to chemicals

You are exposed to neurotoxins (fluoride) and chemicals like SLS, parabens, titanium dioxide for an average of 24 hours a year when brushing twice daily.

Europe starts banning certain chemicals, such as titanium dioxide (E 171) from daily cosmetic and food products.

But isn’t fluoride needed for healthy teeth?

Once upon a time, fluoride was a way to keep teeth healthy. But modern science proves the consequences significantly outweigh the benefits. Hydroxyapatite is safer, superior, and healthier.