Swap Fluoride for Hydroxyapatite

Here’s why you should start using hydroxyapatite toothpaste

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Zero Sensitivity

Nano HAp fills exposed dentine tubules, as opposed to only numbing nerves (like natrium fluoride).

As opposed to masking tooth sensitivity, Nano HAp actually reduces it.

Hydroxyapatite has extremely low abrasive qualities. This protects your gums from receding.


Nano HAp dives into your enamel and refills the lost minerals every time you brush.

Enamel (the first layer of a tooth) is 97% hydroxyapatite. Dentil (the second layer) is 70% hydroxyapatite.

Fluoride only hardens (remaining) enamel. Nano HAp shows promising results in surface depositions and maintaining a smooth surface over a longer duration.

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Whiten + Renew

Nano HAp renews enamel by filling forming caries and small lesions.

This smooths and whitens teeth by gently repairing their surface with natural, native minerals, saving you from painful trips to the dentist.

It’s non-toxic, highly effective, and ingestible.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nano Hydroxyapatite


What does your nano hydroxyapatite toothpaste taste like?

This is where KARMICARE Awake and Asleep Nano HAp toothpastes differentiate from conventional toothpaste. Awake tastes mildly minty with a hint of lime and guarana to give you that boost in the morning.

Asleep tastes like oranges and cinnamon with the calming effect of valerian to wind you down in the evening. Nano HAp, the mineral itself is slightly salty and barely tastable to one’s palate. You won’t be tasting the mineral if that’s what worries you.


How long does Nano Hydroxyapatite help reduce tooth sensitivity?

We’d love to say indefinitely, as long as you continue the treatment. It strongly depends on your diet and pH level of your saliva. Your teeth demineralise daily, especially when consuming acidic foods and drinks (e.g.Cola, lemon juice, etc.)

Nano Hydroxyapatite is shown to reduce sensitivity by occluding the open Dentin tubules. This prevents hot, cold, acidic food from coming into direct contact with the nerve endings in your teeth. It’s not just another desensitising solution like for example potassium nitrate that constantly numbs the nerve to avoid pain. So if you stop treatment with potassium nitrate toothpaste your teeth become sensitive again. Nano HAp restores the damaged enamel, so the dentin isn’t exposed anymore.


When leaving this substance for a couple of minutes in your mouth, can it do harm to your tongue, gums, etc? Also wondering if this is safe for children.

No harm can be done to your tongue or gums. In contrast, leaving Nano HAp toothpaste in your mouth for a while gives the mineral more time to nourish your teeth with its benefits. (Never do this with Fluoride toothpaste, we suggest spitting it out after brushing and rinsing your mouth. It’s toxic in higher levels and shouldn’t be ingested.)

Nano Hydroxyapatite is non-toxic and biocompatible. It can be ingested safely. Nano HAp toothpaste are often recommended by dentists to children, pregnant women, and those at a high-risk for dental fluorosis.


Is there a certain, smart, or more effective way to brush with Nano HAP? Can my teeth have too much enamel? I am aware of the risks of fluoride, but are there any risks to Nano HAP?

No risks known to date and its been around since 1970. Nano HAp is biocompatible, non-toxic and non-inflammatory. Since Hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring organic biomaterial in our body. Your body accepts Nano HAp as its own material. Regarding a more effective way to brush, the longer the mineral is exposed to the teeth the more effective. Brushing a minimum length of 2 minutes is highly recommended. (I even swish around with it for a while after brushing before spitting out)

Your teeth cannot have too much enamel. Enamel is designed to withstand a lot of mechanical and chemical pressure. Once created, the cells responsible for their formation die off, which makes enamel inert. This is to say that once you lose part of your enamel it can never grow back. That’s why your teeth need constant care. Nano HAp will not regrow lost enamel, but it will deposit and restore dissolved minerals into the enamel.